Los Sexicanos del futbol

Los Sexicanos
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A community dedicated to los mexicanos who make us sweat as much as they do.

About Us: So you found yourself with nowhere else to go for news on these Sexy men? Well it seems as though you've come to the right place since here you will find news, pictures, spams, etc. all on the national team of Mexico: Los Sexicanos. From the down-right cuteness of Chicharito to the Puyol-threatening curls of Dos Santos and Memo Ochoa, find it here, post it here. We love talking about the Mexican NT just as much as you do, waving sombreros and hablamoing in español while we drool over the jawline of Rafael Marquez! Not to mention we have the sexiest mascot, Gael Garcia Bernal ;)

a)Anything Mexico (NT or Gael :P) is accepted when posting. Spams, icons, gifs, news, articles, video, nudes, etc. Please make sure that what you post has not been previously posted, there is no need for a million spams of one match or three post on a video of Vela brushing his teef.

b)LJ-cut please! If you feel that it might be a bit long and you would not want something that long in your f-list, cut, cut, cut!

c)Be kind, not haters. *cough* Being a Yank myself, I know I'd have tomatoes thrown at me at some points, so lets try to keep our shirts clean by being considerate and respectful.

d)Speak Spanish? Sweet, but not all of us do, so if you have an article that's in Spanish, please try and provide a translation, if it's a video, throw it out their translation isn't required.

c) cite your news bambinos and use tags pf.

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